Well I was at the pool today and I have REALLY big boobs so it looks really awkward in a swimsuit because no matter what kind of swimsuit I wear, they still look big and like they're about to pop out or something. I just always feel so hesitate to take off my shirt and be in my bikini because I feel like everyone is staring. But I feel like they're staring in a bad way, as if they're gossiping about how hideous I look and how my big boobs make me look worse. Anyways, today was just tough because I felt super insecure the whole time.
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God blessed you boobies that women's and girls like myself would die for. I'm small breasted so feel shy about my pool body, but I don't think much on it and have fun. In your situation you should ask yourself; would I change yourself for them? Everyone is beautiful in there own way and we as human were given these looks for a reason. Love yourself more.

The question is supposed to say "would I change myself for them?"

Thank for your comment but all my friend have small boobs and I feel so awkward around them and around other people at the pool. I don't wanna change myself for other people, I wanna change myself so I'll love myself instead of feeling this way.

Everyone is insecure about their body. Your friends might not admit it. Anyway whatever happens to you just have to know everything is different when you change yourself. It's not like your friends ditch you or made fun of you. I hope you start loving yourself more.

I am very skinny, at your age I remember feeling insecure about my pool body too. You are who you are don't get upset over the superficial things people may say about you.

Thanks for your comment, I'll try to get over it but it's hard because I've been pretty insecure for a while