2001: A Space Odyssey And 2010: The Year We Make Contact

2001: A Space Odyssey. One night, I put aside my perception that it looked boring as heck, judging by the cheesy apes jumping about frantically in the beginning of the movie. I sat down and watched it.

The result was, intrigue and enjoyment of the science fiction genre. It's an old movie, made in 1968. Considering the day and age the film was produced in, the concepts illustrated in it are very good. The ending leaves a lot to the imagination and a need to investigate further...And so, I did.

I watched the sequel. It is called 2010: The Year We Make Contact. It was made in 1984.

I know there are viewers who didn't like the sequel. But I enjoyed it just as much. A friend told me, the sequel answers a lot of questions the audience may have had after watching the first movie. He was right.

The visual effects are not as stunning as the ones we see in movies today but the stories ( by the late Arthur C. Clarke), concepts put forth are good. Both movies are worth watching, at least once, by anybody interested in science fiction, the mystery of space and the possibility of life out there in space.
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I agree.....the sequel actually to me is really an easier movie to sit through because 1...its not as long...lol..2 not as many dead spots where all youre getting is some wonderufl music that doesnt seem to fit....3.NO apes....LOL....but they are both good movies.....