I Am Femme (as In Butch-femme)

Most think of Butch/Femme as being lesbians/lipstick lesbians/bull dykes/dykes, but no. It is different than that. There is a whole different dynamic going on between a Butch and Femme couple. No, it is not a female with a male wannabe. It is a Femme Female with a Masculine female.

So, I am a Femme. I have a Boifriend. Hy is Butch. Any other Femme's or Butches out there?
moonflake moonflake
41-45, F
7 Responses May 2, 2007

Definitely femme. I'm male bodied, but I do all the cooking and cleaning,make my own dresses.

High Femme Here. Married to a Butch Female 10 years. Find me on Facebook - Desire Vital or dsdesire@live.com :-)

Gender savvy high femme fatale here...into butch femme and genderqueers - divorcing transguy.

Moonflake, I think I followed that, but I'm not 100% sure. You used some words that aren't well known outside the culture. Could you elaborate, please? I just made some new friends, and attended their wedding in CA last week, and I'm trying to know more about the culture.

Hard to believe that we are the only 2 femmes out here.

imma soft stud ma-self i kno imma woman im jus harder than ya average woman all ma friends say im jus like a man

My grandmother thinks masculine lesbians, or "dykes" as my best friend calls herself and her partners, want to be men.