Stop Pointing Fingers!! It's Not Helping

I am not a republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal. I believe in common sense.  All the democrats are pointing fingers at the republicans, the republicans are all pointing fingers at the democrats.  Why is always someone else's fault?  How about pointing the finger at yourselves for once.  We are all people and we can all have different view points.  NOTHING has to be all one way or the other as everyone seems so keen on these days.

Aren't us grown ups supposed to be responsible and help lead the youth to a better life?  We are setting a pretty bad example in that regard.  We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves and remember that there are many different ways to see the same thing and we can all be right.  So why don't we take those differing viewpoints and actually work together to accomplish something better than any one of them alone?  Stop blaming the other guy and see what your own responsibility is in the matter because if you are just as dead set in your thinking as the other guy then you are just as guilty of ******* things up.

Republicans and democrats alike stop pointing fingers at each other and see where your own responsibility lies in the mess that is before us.  Take responsibility for adding to the mess by keeping things as divided as possible and lets start working together.  By the way this is going to take the effort of everyone and can't be done through blaming anyone else for anything.  Just get over it and act like adults because right now you all remind me grammer school kids on the playground.
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Oh come on, you have to have a label, societies unwritten laws say so. (just kidding). I agree with you, though I do call myself a conservative.

If a label was required the closest fit would be libertarian.

Me too, but still there is a lot I don't agree with in the Libertarian party. Though, if I had to choose to be part of one, that is what I would choose.

My feeling is that government is just way too big and controlling. With the regulations and laws they are jamming down our throats they are just forcing us to be more and more dependant on the government which in turn gives. them more control over us. It is a wicked cycle. We need to go back to a common sense form of government much more like when the us constitution was first written. Though I certainly think some improvements could be made. People should be allowed and encouraged to prosper. If a law abiding citizen wants to own and carry a gun fine just get properly trained so you dont hurt yourself or someone else by being a dumbass. If you dont want one just dont buy one. But don't tell me that i cant have one. Same goes for the million other subjects out there. If what i am doing is causing absolutely no one else any harm than damn it no one should be able to tell me no. And that goes for everyone out there. William W. johnstone wrote a series of fiction books about what the world became post apocalyptic. I always liked what he presented. Extremely common sense but it wasnt something everyone could easily life under.

That is because governmentally they are grammerschool kids on the playground. They are very rich grammerschool kids on the playground, and what they fail to see and understand is that they are there for the betterment of the American people. What ever happened to the right to vote? 80% of Americans are against abortion and yet our government has made it legal. When did we get to vote on it? We Didn't!!!! When were we given the chance to vote on the pay raises that the congress got? We weren't!!! There are thousands of instances like that. A democracy is supposed to represent the majority. In this country the majority is ignored by the very people we elected to represent us. Let us have the oportunity to vote on important issues and then go by the wishes of the majority you government representitives!!!!

You never got to vote on their pay raises. Congress votes on the Senates pay raises and them and then the Senate votes on the Congresses pay raises. The American people do not vote on this at all.

That's my point. We the people should have a say in it. I mean how many people do you kow that make over $100,000 to sit around and say I'm republican or democrat and I want it my way.

Yes I already posted earlier about why would they do anything when they can just sit on their *** and still get paid and have awesome benifits!

Lets talk sex, ***, bj's anything but more gov. If there were something we could do about it it wouldbe different but we are stuck and can't.

I agree that we are stuck but I don't agree that there is nothing that can be done. The people in power are experts at what they do and they are slowly strangling all of us who are not the elite. They just haven't done anything drastic enough to **** off everyone at once. They are doing the classic divide and conquer and we are the conquered.

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You are so right. Politicians totally suck, and not in a good way.

It is no longer "We the people, for the people, by the people" it is now "We the politicians, for the politicians, by the politicians"!

I agree with your views totally. The problem stems from elections and the bashing. They want you to know the other guy is worse than them to be able to get elected. Everyone wants to get their great bill passed, so they can have that one edge over the opponent come election time and everyone is trying to do it. The drama involved with this has become the norm. How would you elect someone if they all worked together and did the country some good? Would you then start electing candidates on looks? If you could get awesome pay and benifits to do nothing why wouldnt you? I do not believe that the bickering and drama is ever going to stop unfortunately until the country is destroyed and democracy finally crashes in on itself. It is in some ways like Russia. Their government forced everything on its people an failed and the people rose up against it. Here the government is doing next to nothing and also doomed to fail by inaction. The difference here is the majoriy of Americans arent standing around in bread lines in order to be able to eat, we are able to drive decent cars, have decent jobs, and still have homes, therefor not as motivated to have to do something about it. We the American people still are not to the point of rebelion yet. All governments in history have been doomed to fail at one time or another and ours is on its way.

I think you will see a big problem with people if the politicians really try to take the guns away from the citizens. People have to be realistic in that sense. Guns are hear to stay. And so are the AR-15s and all the guns like it. But they also have to realize that there are so many of them out there that bad people are going to shoot other people regardless of whether or not you let good people own them. Even if I owned a fully automatic weapon I am not going to go out and shoot anyone with it. If anything I would be even more careful with it than I am now. So why can't I have one? I would even accept taking a required training course so that I am able to handle the weapon safely.

Unfortunatley we disagree here, because of the proof that other countries much like are own have been sucessful at taking away guns from its people. Look for example New York City was able to do this without any problems of uprisings. The goernment has also done this with convicted felons even if their convictions ddnt envolve guns. I do believe Canada and England also have done this.

I don't feel there is any need to take the guns away from people who aren't going to hurt anyone with them. The gun itself is nothing more than a tool. The human brain is the real weapon. Should we start lobatamizing people for being stupid? Also one of the first things Hitler did was take away guns from the population so they couldn't rebel against the government. If the government wasn't so ****** up and worried about controlling the population they wouldn't have to worry about that. NYC is a bad example of that because the idiots that live in that city didn't fight their mayor banning soft drinks over 16 ounces. Canada will not let you defend yourself for any reason. You deal with criminal violence you have two choices. Be a victim or go to prison. And look at England what that government is trying to do to its people.

Ok you got me on New York city. That was just dumb to ban drinks over 16 ounces. Now the people just buy two drinks! LMFAO

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I am independant as well. I review every problem on an individual basis then I choose whatever solution I think is best.

Don't they remind you small spoiled children? You know, he did it! Uh uh, you did it, uh uh you did, uh uh you did!
It drives me nuts!!
Nothing is getting accomplished!

Then let us the citizens vote on it and go by the majority. Problem solved.