I Can Not Belive What He Just Did

So I ended up giving in and calling Sean. I knew it was a bad idea I just didnt know how bad.

I called him hoping to god he wouldnt pick up, he did so i hung up. He called me back and I said "Hi" and he said "I just got a call from this number" and I said "yeah" and he was all "yeah who is this, Sarah?" and im all "No" and he was all "Well i dont know know anyone else with such an attractive voice"...I dont talk to the guy for 3 days and hes already forgotten about me. Apparently hes REALLY hooked on this Sarah chick.

Too bad that didnt push me over the edge, I dont think anything really will. I have to quit cold turkey and do it all by myself which im horrible at, obviously.

I cant believ I just did that.

YoucancallmeJuliet YoucancallmeJuliet
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

O dear God, what an idiot!!! (Him, not you) and a leach as well.. Do you realize what he was doing? Not only was he hoping it was this ''Sarah'', but he tried a ''pick-up'' line on a woman he didn't even KNOW when he discovered it wasn't HER. What an ***!!! (Although more the stuff that comes out..) Two things you should realize: 1) he's going to cheat on this ''Sarah'' the first damn chance he'll get, and 2) If you thought he cared at all, why didn't he think it was YOU in the first place??<br />
By the way, he's going to claim it was a ''joke'' if you confrot him. Kindly inform him that nobody, except for him, is stupid enough to believe something like that. He won't listen of course. A total, total loser. Get rid of this clown.. He gives love a very bad name..

Thank you!!! Its exactly like high school, its pathetic, I know.