Triangle of Doubt


This is the Story I have been writing about good and evil and the fight for our souls, and what it means for us humans.             The Triangle of Doubt   The triangle of doubt is made up of three, God our saviour, Nick the Devil and us humans Stuck in the middle between God and Nick and there fight for our souls.   And this is were I start, trying to explain about the truth and the fight for our souls and What it means for us humans, come the end of days, not judgement day, for that implies that we are to be judged, which will never happen, for if it does, we are all doomed, for God has forgiven everyone their sins, so no judgement day, for any of us.   The triangle of doubt is three pointed as you all know, with god on top, bottom left is Nick, and bottom right is us humans, stuck in the middle between good and evil and their fight for our souls.   The triangle of doubt is about believing or not believing, be it god our saviour or Nick the devil, for they are both in a fight for our souls.   As most of you have heard stories about good and evil, god and Nick and how they used to be the best of friends, until Nick wanted everything that god had, absolute power and when god found out, he threw Nick out of Heaven and this is where it all began, the fight for our souls.   And this is when god made Earth and us humans, the start of existence for us all on this planet and when god was finished, he was pleased with everything that he had done. He made man in his own image and taught them love and showed them how to live in the eyes of god.   Then up popped Nick to challenge god, in a wager for our souls, no one knows the outcome of the wager, but god accepted along with the rules, which there is only two that they could use. God could only use the seed of love to catch our souls, while good old Uncle Nick used the seed of doubt.   They also agreed a starting date and an ending date, 5,000 years of human existence, they also agreed, that they can’t just take over a persons body and make it do their bidding, for were was the challenge in that. No they had to work on us, for we were given a mind of our own, to do and think as we pleased, to believe or not to believe.                                                                   Page 1               
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wow this is intense