Triangle of Doubt


No all they could use was the seed of love and the seed of doubt, Uncle Nick or god could not just take over a body, they had to work on us through the seeds of love and doubt.   Adam and Eve were the first to come up against them, God teaches both of them his love and his rules for living the good life and along came Uncle Nick with his seed of doubt and over turned all of gods love, one nil to Nick, but no souls won, just minds.   For Uncle nick has far more in his armour than gods seed of love, like the seven deadly sins and he finds it so easy to over turn what the seed of love teaches us, this seems unfair to our god of love, for his hands are tied when the devil puts the seed of doubt into us, with just the seed of love to fight back with.   God can only work on a person by sowing his seed of love and this works up to a point, for the person god teaches love too, Nick will try to reverse it by sowing his seed of doubt and that doubt is usually evil.   You can’t even guess what the score is now to uncle Nick nearly 5,000 years later, but you can count gods score on one hand, thanks to uncle Nick, but to think it is all over and uncle Nick has won, think again, for uncle Nick has won nothing, except to prove a point and that point is. That us humans are so gullible when the seed of doubt sows his seed, no souls has been won just yet, just minds.     What can I say about Nick the devil, he’s evil, enough said, but that said, he will not give up in the fight for our souls and he will use every dirty trick in the book, for Nick has the seven deadly sins to use against us and our god of love.   Roll on the stories down through the ages and Uncle Nick running up a cricket score, in the fight to catch our souls and still trying to bring down our god of love.   The next big event or story was Kane and Able and the first fight or killing on this planet, where the seed of doubt used jealousy between both brothers that loved each other so much and were taught through the seed of love. Then up pops the seed of doubt to turn one brother against the other, also easy for the seed of doubt, god teaches his love to both brothers over years and he comes along and sows his seed of doubt into Kane. Your brother Able is your father’s favourite son, and here you are working the fields and your brother takes off and spends all the profits that you have worked so hard for in the fields for your father and when he comes back, he is treated like a king by your father.   Nice one Nick, two nil to you and you don’t even have to try hard. God must be wishing he never took you up on the wager, for you find it so easy to over turn everything he dose.                                                       Page two  

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williamjohn williamjohn
Feb 22, 2009