with all that`s happened to me,and all tht`s happened to people i know.i have a constant battle.their is hate that dwells in me .criel thoughts of how i could make them pay.but the other side keeps me sane.i cannot become that part that i fear.i know his anger,his thirst for revenge.the fire that will never be quinched .i will take this part of me to my garave.he will never have his day.but the flame burns hotter is like another soul comes over me.i have to go and be alone untill it sleeps.i hate his anger,i wish it dead.but it will only die when i do.i can never let anyone i know of his thoughts.the man who lives behind my eyes shall never be free.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Sometimes i feel like moments of that man come out from me and i am afraid he may be the end of me if i act on his precious gift of revenge he is trying to give me...if that makes sense.