Baby Snatchers

I'm 23 years old and I'm west African.I have been in the United States for 2 years now. I live in Freeport Illinois. I'm married and I have a son ; he is 5 months old. On Thursday, 21st around 11 AM, my wife was at court in Peoria IL and I was at the Mall with my son. Like always, when my wife has somewhere to go. I watch him. After court, my wife went to the restaurant (TGI FRIDAY) in Peoria to eat with a lady. A lady who was in the courtroom with her. Few minutes after their meal, my wife came to see me at the mall. I gave her our son in the parking lot and I went inside the mall to window shop. I was the SEARS department when my wife called me on my phone and told me that the lady she was with earlier, just called DCFS hotline on her. At first it just confused me, because I didn't understood the reason why that lady called DCFS and I didn't understood the reason why me, the father of the child was being involved with DCFS. We didn't go back to
Freeport the same day because we decided to go see some of our friends in Peoria (We used to live there). The following day Friday morning, I received a call on my phone, I answered and there is a lady who was asking for my wife. We both thought it was some bills collectors or schools advisors, so I hang up. When my wife went through her own voice-mail, she found out that the lady who actually called my phone earlier was a DCFS agent. She wanted my wife to call her back immediately, so she did. She called the lady, and that lady (The DCFS agent) started asking questions about our son. She was saying that she is concerned by the baby's safety because the DCFS report says that the kid had been seen in Peoria downtown with a black male, and that black male is me, and that I was walking with my wife to the courthouse and the baby I was carrying is in danger. When I heard the lady calling my name, I asked my wife if I can talk to that lady and she
gave me the phone. The DCFS agent asked me if I had a son, and I answered yes. Then she asked where I was, I said I'm out of town right, she said she needs to talk me and my wife. She asked me when we were coming back to Freeport I said probably tonight (Friday night) then she said I should tell my wife to call her when we get back to Freeport. I asked her if the DCFS office will be opened during the week-end and she said no, they are closed then I told her that I will tell my wife to call her on Monday. That's how we ended the phone conversation. We came back to Freeport IL the same night and we left our son in Pekin Illinois, with my wife's friend who is also our baby sitter. Saturday morning around 10:30 my neighbor across the street called me and told me that the POLICE was at my house 3 times in the row with a white lady, and I wasn't in town and they asked him if we had a baby and if that baby was safe. My neighbor told the Police that I actually have a baby he sees every day, but that baby doesn't look abused or in danger. My neighbor told me that the Police was watching us. I immediately went to our house and told my wife what our neighbor said. We decided to call the POLICE, and ask why they came to our house. But my wife wanted us to go to the gas station first so she can buy her cigarettes and me buy some calling card to call my mother. We just parked our car in the gas station when I seen a Police officer walk to my wife and ask her if she is *** BUSH, my wife said no, my name is ***, he asked her to step out of the card and started asking her questions about the baby, and where he is. My wife didn't understand why they were asking so many question, then the Police decided to go our house and search for the baby. We went to our house with 3 POLICE cars 2 officer and 1 sergeant and 1 undercover POLICE agent. After they searched our house they asked her where the baby was, she didn't want to tell them where our son was because she didn't understood what going on. My wife has 3 daughters from a previous marriage who are already adopted. They were asking me questions too and I told them that I didn't want to say anything because I don't know why this is happening and why I'm being involved with DCFS when I didn't do anything or made any criminal act. they were just asking me a lot of questions, I told them to ask my wife, because I really don't about this, I just told them that a DCFS agent called and my wife wife is supposed to meet with her on Monday. After 40 minutes of talk I decided to open our car and sit on the back seat because I was feeling pains in my legs. The Police was keep talking to me and he said it was fine for me to have a seat. After a while they asked where our Babysitter lives I said she lives in Pekin but I don't know the exact address, I said it next to a Walgreen's and a family video, but I don't know the correct address in my head because I'm not familiar with Pekin. My wife didn't want to tell them the exact address and they told me they would arrest me if I don't talk, unfortunately, I didn't know the correct address in my head. I just know how to get there. After more than an hour, they wanted me to search in our car and give them my wife phones, so they can check in there and see if they find any evidence. I looked in the car gave them her phones. After being up for a while a I started felling pain in my legs again and I tried to seat down in the car again but the sergeant told me not to sit down. I didn't want to tell them that I'm feeling some pains, because they would think I'm faking. I was still up for almost another 25 minutes when he decided to handcuff me. He said I was being arrested because I'm lying to them about my son. They put me on the backseat of the POLICE car. When we got at the POLICE station, the POLICE officer to took me out of the car. I remember walking through an alley. That's all I remember at that moment. When I woke up, I was in an Ambulance and the paramedic was telling me that passed out at the POLICE station. I didn't want to go to the Hospital, because I can't afford the bills, and I wasn't done at the Police station, I really wanted to understand what going on. The paramedic told me that I wasn't in under arrest, and that the Police officer said I was free to go home. I really didn't understand why my son was being taken by DCFS and why they were saying once I'm being arrested, and once I'm not. They were telling me that I was going to prison, I really don't understand what happened. The paramedic took me to the hospital and the doctor said I probably passed out from dehydration, and maybe because I have been standing up for too long. My 5 month old son got taken by DCFS for some unclear reasons. As far I know they said the baby was in some kind of danger. I have never been a threat to my son neither my wife. We ended losing our son just because the lady my wife was with on Thursday, called the hotline on us. I ended up at the hospital, and they told that the POLICE wasn't supposed to handcuff me if i wasn't being arrested, and that the sergeant should of let me sit down when I wanted to. DCFS took our son from our baby sitter since Saturday 23rd. We didn't received any calls telling us where he is. I'm from west Africa and I still can't understand what happened. The DCFS agent told me that I can't have my son, and my mother in west Africa can't have his custody. I don't understand, I sad, I'm victim of unfair treatment by the POLICE and DCFS and I don't know what to do. I went to see a couple of lawyers here in Freeport, the first one said he doesn't fight DCFS anymore, because they ****** people baby for no reason all the time, and put them in daycare 1st and put them for
adoption later. The second lawyer said DCFS has too to much power, and often twist your words and use them against you. Why I have to be a victim of DCFS? I didn't do anything neither my wife. we need help. We don't know where to find a good lawyer, we can't even afford one. So please.
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Jul 14, 2012