Never Judge a Book By It's Cover

I was diagnosed with five different disease's, all are incurable.if you passed me on the street, you would never know. Every day is a struggle, i always thought life would turn out to have a happy ending for me, but that's not what the doc.s say. I believe we all have control of our own destinies to some degree! So I decided to just get up each day, and see where it leads me. I can be bitchy at times, i believe the meds, cause most of that! I am sure there are others who have a lot more going wrong then I do, and maybe I can be of some help to them, I hope so! I can't think of any more to say, I normally never shut up!I quess yall lucked out. lol

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

spunned, bliehaiku, and kewpiedoll, thank you for your coments, i am sorry about taking so long to answer!<br />
some days i just can't see or even talk to others, ptsd has a very strong grip on me, but it will not win in the end! you all seem to be strong and smart people, thank you, hope you all a blessed week. radar one

I have a daughter with an incurable, genetic disease. At age 3, we were told she had 3 months to live. I refused to give up.<br />
She turns 14 in May this year.<br />
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Hang in there...

Keep your sense of humor....I believe that is key in helps us to keep things in perspective. And don't be afraid to cry.<br />
I wish you all the best. *hugs*

hang in there and fight...never give up, no matter what!<br />
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I've been there, in a different way (combat/war) but its the same idea to me, just fight back as hard as you can.<br />
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I hope you the best.