Is History Repeating Itself Or Am I Just Making It Repeat?

My first marriage ended with my wife leaving for Texas with another man while I was in the Army and taking my son with her, after having several affairs and one night stands... that was 17 years ago. Now my current partner of 13 years has begun acting in a manner that causes me to worry... flirting, asking to be left alone, stating she needs to re-find herself. I proposed 3 years ago when we purchased a house together. We had a wonderful relationship until three almost four months ago. We are now as she puts it roommate, she has told me she is single now and she doesn't know where our future will lie.

I love and trust this woman, we share 5 children, grown to a 4th grader and I believe her when she says she's not looking for sex or anything like that... but damn if it doesn't hurt and I try very hard not to be upset at what she does. How do you stop fighting your own thoughts and making matters worse?
FreefromManistee FreefromManistee
41-45, M
Jul 26, 2010