Do my life have any meaning anymore I just sick and tired of the same thing I can't never seem to get anything right
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Little lady when I was you age I couldn't seem to do anything right either, I'm 66 now and have been through a war and Two divorces. The first one cost me the house, car, kids, dog, and my best friend !! Haven't seen any of them since 1980. I still make mistakes most every day, and I try to learn from them. I'm still a long way from perfect but I have learned to enjoy being single. I also have found a church that I enjoy and that has helped me a lot !

There's a lot of hard times in life. Just keep pushing through and you can find happiness.

Thank you

Why do you feel there's no hope? Are you single? No kids? In school? I promise you, things will change.

I honestly don't know why I feel like that I guess everything I been through when I younger made me feel like this....yes been single for about a year and a kids....currently in school.....and I really do hope so and thank you.😃

I've been there .. Product of experiencing a lot of hardships in my younger years. Seeing a lot of ugly and having ugly done to me. Just TRY to do the right things and stay on track with your career goals and things will fall into place! Keep good people .. Positive people close to you and keep the negative influences away! I promise you have so much going for you .. If I could go back and be single and make the right choices and have complete freedom I would totally do that! That's what you have .. Your worlds in front of you and to grab it by the "you know what" ! Lol Embrace it! Sometimes I know, we can feel it's all hopeless but something will come along that brings meaning to you, a purpose etc. Whether it's a friend, relationship, hobby .. Whatever! It will come! You're so young :) that is something you any get back! Youth :) freedom :) embrace it .. You'll be ok. And tomorrow's always a new day with tons of possibilities :)

Btw, I know just saying "everything will be ok" just doesn't cut it at times. I HATE when people tell me that it doesn't help. We want results and to feel good now! But again, I promise you, sounds like you're on the right track. Just have some kind of faith or whatever the heck it is, and really just try to have faith in the process :) Meaning growing, mentally maturing and these bad feelings, embrace them, because I have come to realize at 41 years that these ARE THE TOOLS given to us to help us learn and grow :) And help us find out who we are and what we are made of.

Thank you for the great advice

Any time! I really have been through the wringer but I'm ok. Some how I am. Cheers! Be healthy and happy :)

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