I am Angry and I Want to Scream **** Over and Over Again

It is hard to let go and it is hard to stay. It is hard to hold you tight and it is hard to lose the fight.

The empty spaces in my soul tells me I am lonely for you, only you...

my heart is aching, pleading to hear your voice and my mind is screaming there is no way out.

I want you with every fiber of my body. I need you to feed my hunger.

Addicted I am...

Hopeless I am..

Breathless I am..

In love with you


The touch of your fingers sends shivers through my vain

How can I ever sustain?!!

The hunger in your eyes reveals the same pain

How can I ever refrain?!!

The quavering lips and your fingertips...

How can I ever escape this chain..

drmctchr drmctchr
36-40, F
Feb 16, 2010