I Was Diagnosed Last Year

I went to a community mental health center last year.  I have had a history of alcohol abuse, but that was not what I was seeking help for.  I was able to quit that on my own.  During the diagnostic interview I was screened for PTSD and my life histroy suggested that I had it.  Although PTSD was never addressed in my treatment regimine, I have read extensively about both the causes, course of, and very little treatment.  This leads me to believed thjere is no real specific treatment.  I could be wrong on this matter, but I was never offered treatment or suggested evern as to where I might obtain treatment.  Historically PTSD is found among combat veterans or rape victims, which I am neither.  An awaremness of having the disorder seems to help understand where my distress is coming from but that is all.  At some point in the future I would like to obtain treatment for PTSD.  My alcohol and drug use in  my youth seems to be the prime focus of any treatment I seek.  I have insurance whi9ch would pay for it however the addiction treatment industry has monopolized the support / self help field, in addition to other mental disorders.  I know that I would have a hard time discussing the events of my life that caused such a condition.  I might even avoid talkinmg about my difficulty because treatment usually occurs in groups with a couple ppl monoplizing the group process.  I am seeking help soon.
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Mar 9, 2011