Why I Have Ptsd

at 2 yrs old I was taken from my birthmom. went from foster home to foster home. at 8 1/2 i was adopted with my brother and sister. From 5-8 I had to visit my uncle in jail. Then from 5 until 16 my brother molested me. at 11 1/2 when i hit puberty her son molested me until i was 15. on my 16th birthday for 6 months her husband raped me. my sister touched me as well. they yelled at me, told me they never wanted me. locked in my bedroom. started to hurt myself at 14. i cut and hit myself for 1 week straight. tried to commit suicide at age 8 1/2. taken away at 16 1/2. went to the children's village in new york. then went to a foster home, where the foster mother told me i could do anything i wanted then got yelled at for doing it. got out of there and went to the SAYES shelter in waterbury. where my room mate beat me because i wouldn't stay up at night with her. from there i went to a group home. at age 17 1/2 i couldn't take it any more, so i told someone that the mom's husband raped me. i ran away. my eating disorder started. then went to another group home. where after a yr the case got closed. i cut, and wanted so bad to die. got pregnant at 21 yrs old. that ended in a miscarriage. got pregnant at 22 had my daughter. and now my bf and i have to fight to get her back home with us. she has been in dcf for 3 months.
babymomma2012 babymomma2012
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012