Apparently a lot of us who have PTSD, if not all of us, are suffering from adrenal fatigue as a result of prolonged traumatization. If you google it, you can get a free online test, and then you could ask about it at your local health food store or talk to a natural medicine practitioner.

I wish I had taken this medicine, Adrena Start, regularly. But when I found out about it I had just started a job where I couldn't go to the washroom freely during a shift. So I stopped taking the stuff and forgot about it.

Well the PTSD is not getting any better, and I've gained a whole lot of water weight besides some worsening of other symptoms. So I'm going back on that natural medicine and I'm going to stay on it and see how much better I can get.
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I found this out myself, and started taking an amazing stress complex and Adrenaplex (great reviews) along with DHEA and Ashwaghanda. The change I felt was TREMENDOUS, and to think that I'd been essentially first in shock after the house fire, which turned into PTSD and Adrenal Fatigue (to the point of some pretty terrifying symptoms), it was bad enough that had I gone to the dr she would have probably out me on meds to deal, but they wouldn't have dealt with the actual deficiencies.

I should write my own blurb about this, because I feel like it helped me get a handle on myself and have enough energy to actually THINK strait again.

Thanks for this post!!

Also, I have found some way to save on these they can be expensive (no dr will give you a script)
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Just a small tip

Thank you very much for the information. Unfortunately my mail often goes undelivered, so I think I will have to rely on the local stores.

I think they use UPS or FEDX, it's likely it would be delivered

Ok, I will look into it - thank you!

Absolutely! Honestly, supplements can be so expensive, and my experience has been that the ones mentioned here are on the higher end

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I'm going to get some more medical tests done before I go on the herbal medicine, though.