I Fought Ptsd and Won.

Several years ago, I was in two fairly spectacular car accidents within two weeks of each other.  The first one actually involved my car flying off of a mountain an in to a flooding river; the second involved being at the mercy of a jerk who was driving 70 in several feet of snow in the mountains, knowing that we were going to crash.  When we did, it really wasn't so bad.

But I was severely injured emotionally.  For a while, if I had to ride anywhere in a car, I'd lie down in the back seat and actually cry.  In the middle of the day, in the sunshine.  It filtered into every single area of my life and I was just a nervous, hypervigilant wreck for about 3 years.

Then I decided I had to quit smoking.  Smoking made me too nervous, I thought I was always having a heart attack or an asthma attack.  So I got a guided imagery "stop smoking" tape, which I would listen to in bed.  It involved floating on a raft in calm, warm, blue shallow waters.  I started to realize that I could control these emotions and calm myself, and that the fear was what was so frightening - and the fear was within my control.  This took about a year to accomplish....

...And it cured me.  (Didn't stop smoking then by the way, that took another few years).  No meds, no counseling.  Which isn't to say that I couldn't have used both, I certainly could have. 

The guided meditation worked for me because I wasn't in a strong enough position to control my racing thoughts and fears with other meditation techniques.  So the passivity of the exercises were very helpful.

I highly recommend trying different meditative techniques to people suffering from PTSD.  The power of your mind is astonishing.  It is entirely your mind that is causing your pain and anxiety...if it can have that much power over you, it can also give that much power *to* you.

What could it hurt?  Give it a try, and be patient with yourself.  There are thousands of free websites about just this.  I have been without significant anxiety now for 15 yrs, and there were certainly times when I never believed I would be free.

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I have a friend who has an extreme case of ptsd wish you or I could pass your experience along to her.

Hello :) I have had years of ptsd due to infant, youth and young adult rape and ****** etc... Through therapy (i won also) my battle against ptsd. BUT, now I am dealing with a husband issue that hurts my brain, so I am interested in your information on guided meditation. I tried guided meditation while I was in therapy to help me overcome some brutality, but most of my therapy was talk therapy/dabda (grief therapy) and healing of my brain in that way. I would like to try guided meditation, could you give me some information?? Thanks :) have a good day!

Hi there, Mama. This was an old cassette tape I had, so I don't have a lot of information to share on it. But, I am now recovering from a rare and usually fatal cancer - after two years of treatment, I now have to come to terms with everything and I'm experiencing some anxiety from it. So, I'd like to look around and see what I can find about it anyway and if I find something that is similar, I'll let you know!

I'm glad to hear that guided meditation helped you so much. However, when you write<br />
"It is entirely your mind that is causing your pain" it makes me wonder, do you have any physical symptoms from your accidents? Because when you have long-term physical repurcussions from an accident, they are not necessarily "in your mind", depending on the nature of the injuries. (E.g. head trauma can leave a person with headaches for years/decades/the rest of their life, unfortunately.)

Nope, I didn't have any physical symptoms (after a few weeks, anyway). So it would have been correct to say "It is entirely MY mind that was causing MY pain". Physical pain adds a new dimension, but after two years of cancer treatment I definitely know that your perception of the pain you feel is far more meaningful to your emotional state than the actual level of pain.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I sure will try that. . .

Thanks Poodle and 35....yeah, I'm definitely in the category of "if it can work for me it can work for anyone". :)

Good advice, DC, and I am glad it worked for you! :-)<br />