Starting To Accept Ptsd

I talked to my therapist today. I told her that PTSD is reserved for people who fight in a war, isn't't it? Oh no way, we know a lot more about it these days. She told me how screwed up the Viet Nam vets were and still are. The struggle they had to face. Yeah I say, and that is why I'm not qualified to have it. Like my trauma is not anything near a war trauma. So it's not fair to them, for me to walk around and say I have the same thing as them, is it? It's not. So I don't want to accept it. I want to deny it. But then I look at the symptoms and why do they have to match me? Because I endured some kind of trauma, and the body and mind can't deal with it. Trauma. 

I think that something is wrong with me - that is, I don't process these traumatic things in one's life, like normal people do. For some reason the same thing that happened to me, if it happened to someone who processed it normal, it would just be something to deflect. A blip for them. But for me, my body doesn't' deflect, it absorbs. I just absorb it all and then it eats me away. 

I hope I can learn from this PTSD group how to deflect and not absorb. If I don't learn how to do that, I'm surly on the road to another horrible thing and I don't want that ever again. 

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

When you experience a trauma it depends on how you personally perceive and respond to it that determines how it will affect you. Quite often it is what you have learned in your past affects your response to the current traumatic event.<br />
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When you experience a traumatic event you are experiencing all kinds of negative emotions. These negative emotions are part of the memory of the event. At a later date that memory gets trigger for what ever reason. What has taken place back in those moments has long since stop. It is now history. It no longer exists. Yet the memory of what took place feels very real and for many when this happens to them it is real! They are re-experiencing all of those trapped negative emotions attached to the memories of what took place. It is these trapped emotions that cause the problems. If you remove the negative emotions from the memories, you can remember them, but they have no affect on you. They now have no power over your life, so you get your life back.<br />
You don't have to live with this!<br />
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That's what I do; I get rid of these trapped negative emotions.<br />
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