Big Fight

well me and this girl tina where bff annd then we kinda stoped and i staried haing with nekayah then tina got jelouse an dshe broke me and nekayah up we got back togther and then today i just lost it she aways try to get us in fights and today i yeld and was crying and i said nekayah u dont ge me and u will never and ran out crying and they fowed and of coruse nekayah was on tina side and was like name one day i did bla bla and they say  i start everything its ******* tina like really u r gona give me bullshit and for somereason even thoght i got really sad i didnt try to kill me self thank god but i aways wanna go back to nekayah i dk why but i dk plz help sorry for the wrong spelling and bad words
chlochlo159 chlochlo159
2 Responses May 16, 2012

well no offensive but i dont think any of them are true friends so go on and make nicer people who you deserve and dont get jealous like that

wow! well, i kind of had a same experience. Jealousy is very common in friendship, if she calls you name, is that what best friends do? i dont think so! if you really took nekayah as a best friend tell her the truth! Tell her what you feel! that what bffs do! or you and try to be nice to tina and nekayah and join them.