Fijian-indian-samoan goodness im having to write about THREE nationalities LOL! My mum is a full blooded Samoan and my Dad is indian-fijian from the island of BA! The last time i went to Fiji was very recently (JULY 7-14!) and i really wanna go backkkkkkk! I miss it so much, and i miss my fijian boihz whom i used to jam with! I am proud to say i have fijian blood beacuse the people of Fiji have the FRIENDLIEST hearts on earth! everywhere i went in Fiji people old and young waved and smiled and shouted "BUla!". The flowers are incredible, (see im a flower freak haha..) but yeah i love Fiji and its people if you wanna see beautiful sunsets and the prettiest flowres out (mind you they have AMAZING voices) i recommend Fiji! Lord bless!! =] **MAMII SCHWIFAYHZ SENORITA!!**
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ba is a town in Viti levu fiji

Yay ! True K-V T :)

haha well Hey Nice to meet you!! :) DC ?? AS in america? lol coz i Live in AUSTRALIA lol !

im trying to find other fijians......i live in the DC area!

LOL Ba is an island on it's own, I'm sure all the Ba natives would agree to that hahahaha. BA-BA-BA My sister's married to a soccer pla<x>yer from Ba! I've been there heaps, I love that little town (: Friendly people, heaps better than Suva.

bahaha oh come on you know what i meant but thank you! mwah!! xx

Fijian Born & Breed!!<br />
Oh and F.Y.I Ba is not an island

No **** ! LoL