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      I worked in the Middle East for ten years.specifically in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.During my stay there,i've met different nationalities and one of the common questions that i'd received was "are you Morrocan or something?" then it would be followed by me answering them with a question too.."what made you say that?".It goes on and on for almost ten years and to tell you the truth,it always sucks me.Hello!!!i am a true blooded Filipino and i am proud of my race.there is no way im gona deny my heritage and if other Filipino are embarrased to admit that they belong to this Great Race,well i feel sorry for them.Coz however they deny that they came from the brown race,they cannot escape the fact and the truth that in their veins runs filipino blood.Yes i must admit that there had been a lot of things that goes wrong in our country including the corruptions and everything BUT on my point of view,no one should judge the Filipino people themselves coz they are not the one who causes the troubles that we are is the system thats running the government and its people.All we have to have is a great leader that has the capabilities and the courage to bring a CHANGE to the wicked system.
     Now im back in my dearest country and planning to stay for a while.I know one day i will work again in some foreign lands but one hing is certain and for time someone approach me and ask me if im from Morroco or wherever,I will answer them with my chin up that I AM A FILIPINO.And even if i choose to work on foreign lands,it is because of my personal choices and has nothing to do with my being part of this beautiful country we call THE PHILIPPINES.The place of my birth and the place i will rest.
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I always stannd open to all corrections and criticism.Its a Nationality..alright and thank you for that.I totally agree on what you said that there are alot of Filipinos nowadays that are so desperate to adopt other nationalities feature and even culture but still finding their quest futile.Whatever they do to change the color of their skin,hair or eyes still,they can't escape the fact that they are Filipinos and that will and always remains to be the truth.And even if they would be successful to erase their true identity,their DNA's would never lie.Ijust wish that one day they will finally come to their senses that their being Filipino and having that heritage in their blood is already a blessing and that is SOMETHING THEY SHOULD BE PROUD OF.

Never seen any bias against the Filipina here in LasVegas and there are thousands living - and thriving here.