I had been asking myself silently if there is really a group of Filipino here. I thought I won't find one. Accidentally, I was all smile when I saw this group just now. I was making another story when I caught the title on the side.

Hence, I was elated to read some of the stories. The first one that I read was in the vernacular. I was really excited to comment in the deepest "native tongue" that I could muster but I wasn't able to continue reading to finish the story. I wasn't even halfway through it, I got bored. I thought I would be reading something "meaty". If you know what I mean, something like a "rare find". But it left me nothing but a blank. My mouth was like gaping "What??????" I can never dig deeper through it...(***Toinks!)

I jumped to another two stories,forgiving all the grammar slips and the spellings which were very conspicuous. I understood the way they have woven their sentences into paragraphs wherein the connection don't glide smoothly. I am not hoping for any perfection because English is not the first language. It can only be polished through inept studies and too much practice, so I was really very forgiving and understanding.  I ran over the paragraphs haphazardly. Gosh, am I really disappointed? Frankly speaking, I am. The comments even made my eyes sore. It talked nothing about being a "gold digger" or a "social climber" by using her femininity to marry a rich American. The word she used to describe herself was harsh to my taste.  I have nothing against it. I am not writing here to ridicule people. Pardon me for being so frank and honest in saying what I saw and felt. I am just saying in all honesty an opinion. People of every race differ in preference or lifestyle but I was just hoping to find a more lucrative field of ideas wherein I could  harvest some genuine fruits to describe my people and a rich ocean of fine lines that bespeak  awesome stories about my country .

Yes I am half Spanish, half Chinese but a full blooded Filipino. I may not speak like most of them because I speak my mind. I hate "mushing" around or running in circles. Why do it when we can be straightforward?  I like the western culture and prefer to live with western people because they fascinate me and the West speaks freedom but I love my country. Though there are so many conservative ways which should be obsolete and  the norms are not somehow befitting anymore to modern times. Nevertheless, Philippines is my native land. It is where I was born.The place where I learned that hospitality is the number one trait and being respectful, as the second. What a lovely morning it is when a young man greeted an elderly woman with a smile while crossing the street, "magandang umaga po". And how pleasing to the ears to hear the endearment "mahal na mahal kita". That line is far different from the usual "I love you" because there is depth and unfathomable sincerity in it. Am I right mga kababayan? Moreover, Filipino men are industrious while women are so loving and caring. Children are respectful. They are well-taught on how to behave and answer  to their elders.

Filipino is my culture, my breed, my race. It reflects the color of my skin and the place where I first opened my eyes to embrace the reality of the world beyond welcoming smiles and the hospitable nature of people. My country is indescribable with 7,100 islands, chocolate hills, man-made rice terraces, numerous beaches,plus the warmth of genuine smiles from anyone wherever you go. Incredible indeed!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
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Cheers to all of you...Philippines is a tropical paradise, isn't it? Everbody comes back even if it takes awhile "Babalik ka rin"...Lol

its the people that makes Philippines exceptional. we're on the same mind :) and yeah, when i registered i thought i would never find pinoys here. and there you guys are, as what i expect from a filipino, boasting about our origins. we're one proud country :) what's not to say? you just gotta love Philippines. cheers! write it well. You are appreciated, you are right, even college graduate also have weakness on grammar. Not all college graduates or those who have a degree can write and speak English very well.

surely..hanks for the wow!

wow, I'm so new here and glad to find my race in this site also!! I like your article blackforest, pls keep going--I'll be one of your avid reader. And will put in my two cents when it is called for :-) *winks**

awesome thanks made me really're so funny and witty...The real educated people are not seen on diplomas and medals but the way they speak and handle themselves.<br />
<br />
People who have high degree of studies can be mal-educated through manners and people who never finished school can be well-educated because they have better manners.<br />
<br />
Ay talagang napahanga mo ako! Saludo ako sayo! Ikaw ay isang binibining nakakabighani ang mga winiwika at sinasambitla ng iyong mga labi...ok ba?<br />
<br />
<br />
Translation in English:<br />
<br />
Wow, you really made me gasp in awe. I salute you. You are a beautiful lass who is very enchanting and whose lips say nothing but charming words...right?