Death Penalty Express Lane

I'm very much against the taking of a person's life... unless that person deserves to die. I think there should be an express lane for the death penalty and, unless there's an appeal, death sentences should be carried out within a year. Law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are footing the bill for every single convict behind bars and that's just not fair. Everytime I get paid, it's minus government taxes so that means rapists, murderers, and other blights to society get a chunk of whatever pittance the company gives me even before I see it. So please dear leaders, put the express lane in. And no lethal injections either because a bullet to the back of the head is much more economical and, if you think about it, kinder. Bang! Dead. No suspense, no drama, no people behind a one-way glass window watching the someone die. Besides, if I'm a convict sentenced to die, I wouldn't care. The inevitable end of my life would pretty much overshadow anything else.
illshowyouhow illshowyouhow
26-30, M
Jul 2, 2011