Just Recently Found Out.

My family and i always knew we had Asian in our
family we just didn't know what kind. In my family
we all have slanted eyes. I use to think we probably
had Korean BUT i was wrong. I went online and found out
that we have Filipino! When i found this out i was so happy!

'Cause i no longer had to guess and wonder. I have a deep pride
of knowing my ethnicity and i'm very proud of what i'am.
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most of the time people tend to deny their ethnicity when they found out where they came from was actually a poor and pathetic nation. It's nice how someone likes you not only goes with it but also maintains pride in it as well. Filipinos are not at all pathetic, we have a history of bravery and competency in this country, but we have fallen through hard times, our economy collapsing, our stability in tatters, it is not however, who we are that separates us but rather selfishness, laziness, greed and most of all, unpunished treason. Many of us have at least one of these traits yet what pains us is that all of these traits exist in the persona of our officials, most of them, traitors of our nation, promising change, only to bring us down for their own greed once they come to power.


always be proud always be happy! but most of all be you.

Be proud of who you are, nobody got to choose their ethnicity, culture or even gender,always stay kind.

That's very nice of you to say so! :)

Nobody else will be proud of who you are except you. And nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Very nice post QueenRX :D

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Wow, yes that is sad.

@ronickakishi , No one should ever be embarassed of they're Nationality. You should always have pride in who you are and wave your flag high!

of course I am very very proud of being a Filipino! :) It's just that I know of some people, though they have Filipino blood in them, disregard it. It's just sad.

I'am proud being a Filipino!

Good to know you're glad to have a Filipino blood where other Filipinos are almost embarassed by this.