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I came from one of the poorest city in the Philippines. When I was a kid a had to walk half a mile just to get water and after walking half a mile I had to pump the water from the well. My mom and dad had to leave us all day and I had to take care of my younger siblings, I think I was only 8 yrs old when I started to take care of my younger brother and sisters. I have good parents, even though life was hard, we always had time to laugh, go to the park and have a picnic. We didn't have television, I remember going to our neighbor's house just to watch cartoons. My dad lost his job, so we had to move in a different city. We probably moved 4 times in 6 years, when I was in grade school. I felt a little lost, because every time I make new friends, it's time to move to a different city again. Because of that, I promised to myself that I will help them get their own house so they don't have to move again.
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Reading of your childhood leaves me with some impressions. You had hard working and kind parents. That will serve you well thrughout your life because you have experienced their kindness, you will be a kind person. You have learned a good work ethic from them and that too will serve you well. My hope for you would be that you are able to attend school and achieve an education that will inable you to help your parents. All children, who have loving parents, want to do things to help them. I am glad you feel the same. If you don't mind me asking, what is your situation now ? Where are you living, still in the Philippines ? Are you going to school or are you working, or both ? Whatever you choose to do, I expect you will succeed at it. It is obvious that you are determined to be an asset to society.

Thank you for your comment. I am a little better from where I was, but still struggling on what I want to do with my life. Thank you for reminding me what kind of person I should be, I was brought up to be kind and caring, and I should stay that way. I encountered a few trials and met a few people that betrayed me, and that changed my character a little bit. I think I was hopeful when I was younger than I am now, so many things that's not happening my way and that make me feel discourage. I have a part time job, and I want to go to school but lack of money stops me from going.

Hang in there and keep going! I am the product of a hard working woman (my mother) who had a very similar situation as you in the Philippines. I know you can do it =). Coming from a good family is something that not a lot of successful people had in their childhood.