yes im a proud pinay :) yes i grew up away from the Philippines but i have the blood of a filipino. My parents are pure filipinos and yes, they raised me in a filipino way..

i dont care of those negative things others say about MY RACE. coz deep within me, even if i know it's true, i believe that filipinos do "things" for a valid reason :)

its funny how other races degrade and discriminate FILIPINOS. but do these races know that many of the most popular, the most successful and the most known people in the world of music, TV/hollywood, fashion, broadway and dancing has FILIPINO BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VEINS.


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i am not filipina - but my friends in Manila, they say i have a filipina heart :) - I was blessed to have the oppertunity to go there and learn from the people much about faith, love and family values. While i was there I stumbled onto an incredible group of children from a local orphanage who ggive new meaning to the term inner strength - my friends and i wanted to do what we could to help tell those kids story as well as raise awareness about the growing problem of abandoned children who struugle everyday to find a means to survive the harsh streets of Manila - one year later we are still working on the documentary we are filming and still trying to spread the word and insprie others to do whatever they can to make a difference in the lives of others who may not be as fortunate as us - i am a little canadian white girl :) but it was a random trip to the Phillipines and the heart and the soul of the Phillipino people who changed my life forever - If you are curious about our story you can visit us at or join our ning site at - we are looking for people who are willing to spread the word about what we are doing to help us open as many eyes as possible to the problems that exist... not asking for money :) only support and a few minutes out of your day to see why we are so determined not to give up - hoping to see you there :) oh and to the people of the Phillipines who let us into their world Salamat Po

sorry ,what do people talk negative about filipinos ?

haha :p yeah. serves the racist right. hmpft


I am a member of a network owned by Pinays. They are such sweet people. Everytime I go on that site I get a warm,friendly welcome.