Filipino and Proud...

Some people think I'm half white or half Spanish but I'm not. I'm 100% Filipino. I love our food, our culture and our traditions. My family is like in that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding! They can be a little crazy but i wouldn't have it any other way :D.

And i know that if there's some type of Filipino gatherings, everyone is very competitive or trying to show off. I read someone said that, they hated being Filipino because, they're mean, maarte, mayabang and the annoying accent. I think that person is just trying to be someone else. I deal with everybody the same way as i deal with Filipinos, that's not ENOUGH reason for me to hate being a Filipino. We're talented, intelligent and more caring that any other race  (no offense). Just Be Proud of who you are, and our accomplishments.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

proud to be pinoy!!

Well, to be honest, we ARE quite prouder than other cultures, easily offended if someone makes a small joke about us, which is something I don't like about us, to be honest.

i love being with other filipinos! and speaking tagalog is fun if you know it! it just flows out of you!!

I'm multicultural, and not a Filippina, but have quite a few Filippina friends and really like them!