Lunch With a Waterfall

A very long time ago I went with my growing up family to the Philippines and we went to some town where you eat lunch next to a water fall. The P.I. has a lot of Volcanoes, so we saw plenty of that around. but when you look towards the west, in the background was some kind of mountain, maybe Mayo? I'm not pretty sure. The food was alright, but it inhance the taste better because we ate next to the falls, and our feet hung on shallow waters. It was kinda cool and a refreshing start to what this nation brought out of it. Creativity to bring in more customers. So let me me.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

sweet, thanks for letting me know that. its been 14 years since i saw it.

oh man i was gonna say, if anyone knows? Let me know. hahahah oh my oh me.

Okay...that's awesome!! I want to go to the Philippines! Having lunch near a waterfall with volcanoes in the background? That sounds absolutely amazing. I really need to go. Where in the Philippines is that?