Beaches In the Philippines

I love the beach.  What is ironic is the fact I don't even know how to swim.  Lol.  So what I just actually do is to just wade in the water, sit or lie down by the shore like a mermaid ..hehe..and enjoy the scenic view (the sunset is so majestic). The sound of the waves have this calming and soothing effect on me that I can stay on the beach for hours and forget the time pass by as I use the time to do my reflections. 

I have been to several beaches in the Philippines.  Foremost on my list as far as beauty is concerned, is Boracay beach.  This is located in the Visayas region.  It is a 45 minute plane ride from Manila to Caticlan and another 45-minute boat ride to Boracay island.  An alternative way would be to take a boat (half a day, maybe). Boracay  is the best beach I have been too.  The water is crystal clear and pristine clean and the sand is powdery fine and white (but of course not immaculately white).  I have been there 3 times in span of 20 years and I must say that the waters have not changed but the place has undergone so much progress.  From the simple village that it was before it has turned quite commercialized now with malls and restaurants that have been built there.  Progress has its advantages and disadvantages.  Nevertheless, I would still like to go back to Boracay any time.

Last year, I also went to the beach resort of Punta Fuego in Batangas. The sand is fine but not white, the water is ok but not as clear.  The sand is quite brownish though as are all the other sand in most of Batangas beaches and it can be rough with a lot of shells and pebbles. It's an ok beach for someone who is not too choosy.  The resort's ambiance and fine facilities make up for what the beach lacks.

Puerto Galera, also in Batangas is dubbed as the "poor man's boracay" is the closest beach to Manila.  The sand is fine but not as fine as Boracay's.  Its color is lighter than the brown sand but there are a lot of shells and pebbles too.  The water is clear but the shore is not too clean on some parts.  It seems that the dwellers have not done a good job of maintaining the beach.  Friends who have been here during previous years said that it was so much nicer, years before. 

The waters in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas are clear but the sand is not so white and not so fine.  I have heard though that there is a nice dive spot in one of the beaches had we stayed further down south.

Most of the beaches I have been too are in the south.  Have been to the beaches of Cebu, Bohol and Palawan as well although I went to those not really for the beach but for some other places I had to visit.  In Cebu, the sand was not too fine, a bit white but the water was not too clear.  In Bohol, they say there's a nice beach there but it was not where I went to.  The Chocolate Hills were a sight to behold though. In Palawan, I went to see the Underground River and so the beach in the area wasn't really what the people came there for.

The beaches nearest to Manila are the ones in Cavite but the sand is brown and the water is dirty. :( In some posh resorts, the water may be a bit cleaner but the sand is definitely much to be desired.

I am sure there are a lot more beaches that I haven't gone to and which I intend to get the chance to visit at least within this lifetime.


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I know to make any beach prettier have you walking down it

we filipinos definitely have a lot to be proud of!=)

thank you, love your story :)