Passion Fruit

Hey I am an extremist....


...but get your online gun down because I mean in a mental / ideological way ! I can be extremely sarcastic and cynical, but I also have "grand" ideas. Especially with regards to passion - for things or persons.  I hate cheesy love stories and the Walt Disney business model of "prince/princess/5 kids/happy ever after", but I do long for something real and deep. But I also have this passion for whatever hobby I get into or idea. I will do things always to the max....I havent met many people like this which makes me think I must be a nutter, but that is ok because it cracks me up :p

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1 Response Aug 18, 2009

Mental passion is a lot more attractive, and lasts longer. Ideological passion, too, but it's easier to take a wrong turn. There *are* others like you -- and if you and they are insane, it's a better place to be than, well, boring.