I'm Finally Discovering Th...

I'm finally discovering that I am possibly not from this planet.  That would explain a lot.
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Yeah I think it has its own benefits to feel separated from society. I think it's good to feel separate and different but also included and a member of the community. It's a tough balance for sure.

I feel that, too. It is not bad. That feeling is kinda cool to me.

I like going to Uranus....just not Myanus....<br />
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Thanks GG...you are always an inspiration :)

Reformed,<br />
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dont worry... we all go there sometimes..<br />
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I sometimes find myself humming the short theme to Close Encounters when I really can't handle it any more. LOL..

Just so long as its not uranus...<br />
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Sorry - couldnt resist :)

Just ran across this...explains a lot :-)

Good to see you back here Celainn, it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about LOL...I got it though, yeah I guess you have to leave out the 'peas' now since Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

cool, I'm glad to meet a fellow home alien....peace to you as well...too bad these earthlings can't be more like us :-)

haha, I'm from the planet Ididn'tdoitmaybehedidbutnotme

I don't understand pinkstar, sorry I'm kinda dense sometimes :)

My Very Educated Mother Just Gave Us Nine...<br />
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now THAT'S depressing! ;)<br />
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poor Pluto.

That must be really hard to handle. I've felt that way at times as well but I'm starting to come around in some areas.

I have never felt a part of the world, community, or my own family.

Well I kinda was, a rather sad one LOL...I was quite heavily depressed back in that period so I was not feeling too much a part of this world.

You are making a joke aren't you?

Don't worry if someone told you you're from Pluto!... It's NO LONGER A PLANET!!