"I Am Finally Going On a Date"

It's been almost 5 months since my ex and I broke up and he moved on right away. I didn't think I would meet anyone anytime soon. A friend of mine introduced me to her cousin. We have all had lunch together a few times in the last month. Recently in the last couple of weeks he and I have been chatting on the phone. So far he seems like a really nice guy! He is older than me. I am 37 and he will be 50 yrs old soon. I haven't told my mother yet because my ex was 10 yrs older than I and my mom thought the age difference was too much. I figure I will give this a chance and see where it goes. I am a bit nervous about the date but I am sure it will be fine.

 We have mainly been talking like 2 friends. He recently broke up with someone and so we both have some things in common. He is in good shape and looks great for his age. I guess you could call it a date we are going to the beach and maybe dinner. It feels good to get back out there again. I had been real depressed from my break up with my ex. If anything maybe we will at least find friendship with each other.

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