But I Have Gone Every Year

Bonnaroo is such a great festival!  For thse of you unfamiliar-- Bonnaro is a three day music festival held each June in Manchester, Tennessee.  It started as a festival that hosted mainly jam bands and other hiie sounds, but over theyears has expanded it's horizons, and is this year playing host to such acts as Tool, Cltch, The Flaming Lips, Ween and so, so, so many more.  It's an amazing site-- typicaly thre are 80-100,000 people camed on site-- it becomes the biggest city in Tennesee for one weekend every year. 
In addition to amazing music, basically 24 hours a day, ther are also comics, and a movie tent, ad innumerable vendors, craft- and tradesmen, and purveyors of all sorts.  There is a brewers village which features micro-brews from all over the country.
I actually am lucky enough to work for one of the brewaries, and get to go every yar for free, with a back stage *** and VIP camping.  We do work our ***** off though.  But a fair trade.
Anyone who loves music and fun should consider makng the trip.  You can find more info at bonnaroo.com.  And don't gauff when you see the ticket rices-- consider you are paying for over 80 bands, live comedians and an experience you will never forget!!
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awesome! i dont think i am going this year actually. i am just not into any of th emusic, really, an di am doing a bunch of other fests. langerado in just three weeks!!<br />
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have fun at the roo, though! if i end up going, i will def get in touch!

Just ordered our tickets! We are going VIP this year and I am so psyched!!! We are taking my niece and nephew with us who are 23 and 18--it is going to be such a great time!

wow! it would be fantastic to meet up with some of you folks, should anyone head to the fest this summer! bonnaroo is such an amazing experience- theres a definite sense of community, and al that comes with it (good and bad) is squeezed into this four day period,and at the end, 80,000 people filter out knowing that they have just shared something huge with the strangers that surround them. even if you are not into the music or whatever, a festival can be awesome.<br />
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lets make a meet up happen!

and HappyHooker (did you get your name from Xaviera Hollander?) I so miss Phish too.....love them. Hope they get back together for at least one more tour.......

It is in southeast TN off I 24. Easy to find. The festival has their own exit........? exit 111 or 112 I don't really remember. It would be so cool to meet my EP friends there!!!

awesome!! yeah, i saw the dtes announced. and the RUMOR is tht Led Zepplin will be hedlining. We'll see.<br />
I was at all the same phish shows as you!! I miss the hell out of those guys!<br />
I do Langerdo, all Good, and Bonnaroo every year.<br />
I love festivals!!

We are planning on taking 2 nephews and 1 niece and their BF/GFs who are all in their 20's. That is what we did this year and we all had a blast! We are also hoping to get VIP camping this year so I told everyone to save their pennies 'cause it will be expensive but well worth it.

They just announced the dates for 2008. June 12th through 15th. They will be announcing the lineup sometime in late January or early February. Now I can start planning!<br />
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I have been to:<br />
<br />
It (Phish- Limestone, ME) 2003?<br />
FingerLakes Grassroots 2004 and 2005<br />
NuGroove (VanEtten, NY) 2006?<br />
Coventry (Phish-Coventry, VT)<br />
moe.down 2006 <br />
snow.down (Lake Placid) 2007<br />
Bonnaroo 2004 and 2007<br />
Mountain Jam (Hunter Mountain, NY) 2007<br />
Gathering of the Vibes (Seaside, CT) 2007

yeah, it really is a great fest. do you do any others?

Bonnaroooooo! Best festival ever.....I have been twice now - in 2004 and 2007. It is an incredible experience.