The Notebook

Nobody knew about my notebook of my ex's hook-up stories. This was my secret shame when I was with him and even for the past one year and three months, the exact amount of time since I and him had broken up. During our entire relationship, I avoided asking him about the sordid details of his flings, whether some of them ended for a long time or some were still continuing. Now that we were no longer together, I was actually collecting them. Do these stories make me feel any better about saying no when he asked me to be with him.. under the sheets and marry him? Everyday of the past several months of mending my heart, I have to remind myself that they do.

And now, I realized that keeping all the bad things and not-so-good memories with him would only remind me of the pain and sorrows of the relationship. Not just reminiscing the past but also clogging my heart to love again. I don't think of him anymore. I know, it's the time to let go and time to be happy again. I am finally over with the guy. So, I locked all the memories in a box but I burned.. the notebook. :)

runawayme runawayme
26-30, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

Happy for you. Hope you will find the right man that will treat you right. Good luck!

Thanks. :)