Memorial Day Break

On May 29th, the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, I went to a friend's house after school. Us and a few other friends were going to go shopping, but we had to wait about a half hour before we could leave. My friend has a zip line in her backyard, which sounded fun because I used to too. I was second to go on. The handle spun, so you had to hold it with your hands facing opposite directions. Also, when I was standing on the platform, it was at my waist! I thought about climbing down (and being a wimp) but I just said 'whatever'! So i jumped off that platform and immediately let go.I tumbled as I hit the ground. I said to my friends "I'm good" which is how i felt until I looked at my left ankle. I was jerked off to the left unnaturally. Immediately I told my friend to get her mom. I called my own mom and she rushed over. We went straight to the hospital and had to wait for a while. Finally they took me in and knew it was broken. I waited in St. Josheph's hospital in Nashua, NH for hours. Finally they said I needed to be transferred to Boston Children's Hospital so I could see the orthopaedic surgeon there because I needed to get a reduction. We got to Children's around 2 a.m. and I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 4 o'clock since I was going to be on anesthesia. It was awful. Then i had to wait 2 more hours while the surgeon completed other surgeries. The reduction was finished and we were free to go home around 7 a.m. We were 20 minutes into our trip home when my foot began to feel numb. My mom called the hospital and was told to come back to get the cast loosened. We got home around 9 a.m. and slept a lot! A week later I had a checkup and the doctor said that if I wanted to avoid surgery I would need a full leg cast. It was incredibly difficult to maneuver and I couldn't stay at school the whole day because it was so tiring. After three weeks I got my cast reduced to a half leg walking cast, and this one was waterproof (thank god!). I had that for another three weeks, and yesterday I got it off and I have a boot that I can take off to shower and sleep. I will start physical therapy soon. I am very excited to be fully recovered, though it may take a while.
fieldhockey99 fieldhockey99
Aug 11, 2010