The One Thing

The one thing I always believed in was love.

Once I had my first relationship, I realized the emotions that could truly come from it. Realizing that yes it was my goal in life to find that someone to spend the rest of my life with. That is my one goal and dream in life. To find my lifelong partner. It always has been.

That is why after I realized my marriage was over, I started to try again 6 months down the road. But I was still selective. I wouldn't just let anyone in. I got myself into some odd situations, but it was also letting go of my wild oats too.

I never thought though, I never thought I would find all of this so soon after. I never thought I could be this happy. I never thought I could find someone that truly loved me for who I was completely. I never thought it would happen so soon. I never thought.

I am truly blessed.

But I am afraid of what my family is going to say all about it. They're going to tell me "I'm crazy" They're going to tell me, "This is too soon." They're going to tell me, "really?" But, for the first time, I just don't care what they have to say because my heart knows the truth. My heart knows where it belongs. My heart knows.

I wouldn't have had so many failed relationships or attempts. This is different, it really is. But no one truly understands that but me. No one truly understands that!!!

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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

That is great. Hopefully, in 30 years you feel the same way.

So there is hope...

...i dipped out before 'I met a girll' catagory .