I've Battled

I've battled with low self esteem and insecurity my whole life.

I am reaching a point in my life now where I am truly starting to accept myself as a person,a nd I am finally supporting my decisions in life for what they are. "My decisions." I am finally making decisions in my life based on what is best for me, and not based on anyone else. For the first time in my life, I have finally realized this is my life to live.

For years, I never thought I would get to this point. For years, I was a people pleaser. I figured they'd like me if I tried to accommodate them and what they needed.

I never realized it would make me completely miserable in the process.

It took me to a point of me being completely miserable in all areas of my life to truly realize the life I was living was a lie. It wasn't what I wanted or even needed in life. I was unhappy,a nd I wasn't going to live the rest of my life this way.

I am never going to sacrifice my happiness again. EVER. I am never going to accommodate for people if I TRULY DO NOT WANT TO.

I will still be there and still be supportive, but if you say something I don't agree with, I'm going to tell you. And your'e going to listen and accept my difference in opinion. I just have reached a point in myself of knowing who I am finally. THANK ******* GAWD =)
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Thanks for sharing that. I am a people's pleaser too. I have been dong this for all my life. The different between you and me is that i never have the courage to break it and i decided to live the rest of life with it, regardless of how painful it would be.

ang saya talaga kapag bagong araw kase makikita moyung gusto mong makita:):

I fully support you and anyone else in speaking out honestly. :)