I Use To.

Every holiday season, I use to want so much.  I wanted this or I wanted that.  I would walk in a store and I'd come out with a list of 10 things I wanted, at least. 

Now that I am older, my wanting has gone down tremendously.  There are no longer wants in my life.  As long as my needs are met, I am completely content.

I don't want the big tv.  I don't want the newest computer.  I don't want the mp3 player.  I just realized that as you accumulate more and more stuff the harder it is to deal with it and you tend to appreciate your stuff less.

I have downsized tremendously, for myself, in the last year.  And frankly, I have realized I don't need all these material things in the world to make me happy.

In the past, I thought it was all these material things that would make me happy.

Damn America :)

I guess what I am saying is that I no longer want excessively.  There are things I still want and dream of having one day.  But my wants are so few and far between now.

I no longer know what to ask for when it comes to Christmas because to be honest, I don't want more "stuff."  I'd rather just spend it with loved ones around me.

It's sad it took me this long to realize all this :)

But I'm glad I'm there now. 
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2 Responses Nov 24, 2010

I just wrote a big WHEW for the first part .. and here is a second big WHEW .. I remain touched by your writing and again say to you .. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SHARING .. and I am of the opposite gender to you and VERY TOUCHED..

same here, i used to want stuff and now i save to buy what i want , currently for now mostly clothes , by the way i am from the caribbean so everythign 's expensive here lol