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What is normal?

To many people you would look at me and I would appear normal, but so many days I feel far from normal. 

My emotions are constantly changing in me.  One minute I could be happy as can be and the next moment I could be just as sad.  My emotions are constantly changing.  I am an extremely emotional person.

When a situation arises in life, I get highly stressed, I overreact.  For years, I've been trying to work on that, but it does not matter, I always overreact.  I am smart enough to always give myself time to calm down before I make a decision about such a situation.  

The problem with me, I think, is that I have never figured out how to think for myself or even remotely be comfortable enough in my own skin.  The way I honestly live is through other people.  I have never found my own personal hobby to get into.  You know why?  Because I'm an impatient person.  If I pick something up, I automatically assume I should be good at it.  If I pick something up and I'm not, I give up on it, and try to find something new.  

I guess, in a way, that's why I always found photography to be my out.  And that's also why I've been such a people pleaser in life.  I live through others passions in life.  I get that vibe from them, and that is honestly enough for me.

I dunno.  I am far from normal. 

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Hi this is Stuart again. I think that you are living especially doing a lot of thinking about life. Life would be pretty empty if we could not share in the excitement of the experiences of others. How much time and money goes into the sports industry and commercial television? I found at work men who almost had their own exclusive language because they listened to sports day and night and could discuss details and situations in depth which I did not even have the slightest understanding about what they were saying. They are living their lives through others too. I prefer to be active in my own life and would rather not sit around watching professional athletes on a regular basis. I got rid of my tv and found living more exciting. You are good at writing about your experiences and that is valuable for others to related to and to help others figure out their own issues. Perhaps you do not recognize the talent that you are showing in your writing. I took a class at a summer camp for adults about digital photography and really enjoy being able to take pictures with a digital camera and to share them with others using email. Still lots to learn. Stuart