The key to any successful relationship comes down to one thing:


Both people need to put effort in. It can't be one person always making the phone calls. It can't be one person always doing the inviting. It can't be one person always sending the emails out.

There has to be a balance. And it should be a two way street.
But in any relationship, and in all, people are different, so how do you find the balance? What happens if one person had a lot of energy in the beginning than wavers off? Does this mean, the relationship dies?

What happens if no effort is put worth by either side? It stays where it is, and the people may be left wondering, "what ever happened."

The truth comes down to one thing:


if they're important to you, you put in the effort.

But what happens if you find out the people you once viewed as important come out to not look at you the same?


The toughest obstacle in life.

Deee1930 Deee1930
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1 Response May 18, 2012

i am tired just reading about trying at a relationship.. no wonder i am so bad at keeping them.

I wouldn't say you are bad... the ones that are important you do put in the effort ;)

really. i thought have a good relationship with my mother and my family would be considered important, but obviously not important enough.

The fact that you occassionally write your mother back in the emails she sends is effort. They are valued as important to you.