Blocked From God?

People think they are blocked from God but the way I see it we block ourselves from him. It is our human ways that get us blocked . I pray daily to know Him and to be guided and every day I feel closer to Hm.. Kind of corny I suppose but it works for me.
ForeverBambi ForeverBambi
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

God is always with us! Praise the LORD!

Bambi, I agree with you in full. Our sinful nature stands between us and God. God made it so easy for us, because He loved the sinner first. The Lord loved us so much that He decided to come to us, where He paid for our sins on the cross. If we believe in Jesus as the Savior, we are saved.<br />

Bambi you are quite right... We are the ones who cause the seperation.<br />
Things are set up coded to ensure those who are willing to seek shall find.<br />
Sometimes it takes many years of trying to fully understand before getting there.<br />
The Kabbalah decodes.......The Zohar being the most important of the books of the Kabbalah begins at the beginning and though hard to read for many is rewarding

I believe there is no wrong way to look for God as long as you keep looking till you find Him.