Finding God

I used to go to church when I was a little girl but truthfully don't remember much of it. I've felt like something is missing from my life. Like there's more to it. So I've decided to reconnect with God. I've started listening to Christian radio stations in my car & on pandora. I've read a few sites online. I've not actually attending a church yet. I have a 5 1/2 yr old son. I want to have him in church also. Right now I feel like I'm slowly letting God back in. Baby steps. Lol. I am probably going to be moving soon so I plan on finding a church once I move.
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would like to chat with you about this ..I'M NOT LOOKING MORE LIKE UPSET AT ...could you add as a friend and we could chat about this

Interesting statement.

I'm very glad for you. Please keep on deepening your relationship with God and bring your child up in a Christian church.
I'm praying for Gods grace for you.

Thank you 2doerver.

Only a pleasure, from a Christian.

and very good luck to you.
i have given up in the search
I'm still lookin' for the devil

The devil will find you ~ its not necessary to look for him. lol.