Again I Cry...

Lately I find myself crying most of the nights. It's just too painful and I feel like I can't bear it anymore. I thought I will not shed a tear for you any more. But again I am wrong. Wish you know how it feels.
Lena04 Lena04
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8 Responses Jul 5, 2010

@Totalsurrender: Oh, it's nothing now. It's just some stupid guy. I'm fine now. Thank you for your concern.

what was wrong?

Thanks so much, MArji!!! I feel better now, haven't found myself crying for some time.

Aww, bear hugs for you too, Princess! Thanks for the comment too.<br />
What's wrong with you, Princess?

I know how it feels. I've found myself crying tonight as well<br />
Big hugs to you sweetie<br />
I hope things get better

Thank you, Perseverer for the comment. :)

I am so very sorry for your grief. I know how it feels.

Thanks so much, Silentlycrying. :)