The Parable Of The Long Spoons

I think it's time I made you pay for all the **** you put me through.

they say the best revenge is success but I learned my **** the hard way so I know it's true

See my life ain't **** right now. It ain't doing too well really.

But you know what I AM doing? listening. being there for people. understanding people in a place no one else gets. Letting my intuition tell me the truth about people. REalizing **** is this bad becaue there's a lack of unselfish love and support. Knowing that others are falling apart because our support for them is conditional and they aren't perfect. Pouring my love like rain.

i think it's ironic that I could find perfect revenge in perfect love.

There's a monster within me. The hunger alone is NOT the crime, it's the posessiveness, the NEED to LABEL my relationships, the jealousy and need to be loved back.

That I could burn my ego the way I am these days. the world doesn't owe me **** for my kindness.

But i'm learning. I'm learning the HARDEST and most LIBERATING lesson of ALL

That it's NOT The hunger that makes us burn in the end but the fact that we LET OUR MOOD BE DEPENDENT ON IT BEING FED AND WHEN WE DON'T GET OUR WAY WE PUNISH "THE OTHER" and also "The world" and that this is the ROOT of our suffering.

it's not that I WANT you that made me suffer. It's that I punished you (and myself and the WORLD) when I couldn't have you.

These days when I'm falling apart the one thing I want is the last thing you'd expect: TO LISTEN, to SIT and RECEIVE. To understand. To BE THERE for someone else.

In service.


this heart is starting a riot within me. Liberation from suffering through sacrifice and service to others.

and you know what? my circumstances right now SUCK but I am NOT unhappy.

I'm a defiant little monster.

And you know what? I ****** up. I did wrong before and i'm sorry. But I can't seem to make it up to you. I can't make it up to the people I ****** up with. So i'll just pay my apologies forward.

Success is sacrifice, and redemption.

Now I will use karma against itself. You want to make me burn in the bardos for my misdeeds but a thousand voices will echo back in laughter that the vast majority of my deeds were for the common good..

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 8, 2012