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About 4 years ago when I went to a corsetier for a fitting after a few weeks of a fitting in a decent girdle long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle Rago 6210. She worked with me to become "Girdle Dependent". As a male I wasn't really sure if this could happen to me. I remember back when I was a child my mom, grandmother and aunt who all lived with me use to talk about how they all "Girdle or Corset Dependent". All my life I had wondered as a male could that happen to me.

The corsetier I use I asked her this, she said becoming "Girdle Dependent:" has nothing to do with being a male or female. She told me she would work with and teach me how to become "Girdle Depdendent". She did warn me that once I became dependent that I would it becomes an obsession and I would be girdled for life. She asked me if that was okay I told yes.

The first thing she did was consult me as to my life style, this she explained is quite important, I am fairly active, but I sit a lot working on computers. That told her she needed to fit me in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. That sitting I need a fair amount of support.

She meausured both my hips and my waist, she explained ot get the benefits of the support a girdle offers I needed to be in 2 sizes smaller.

The corsetier then explained the importance of putting on the a girdle the right way, I never realized how important that is. She had me lay down on a bed lean way back pull up my knees this took my belly and pulled it back towards my chest, then she had me pull up the girdle hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper. I followed what sh me told me to do, then she had me stand up. Wow I had never really experienced anything quite like this, the over all support was wonderful, my belly felt so relaxed and confortable with the support. She explained the real key to become "Girdle Dependent" I would have to keep my belly core muscles always well relax and just let the girdle hold and support me. She explained this could take a few weeks, but the benefits are there, which she was right, I found that the support and not using my core muscles when standing and sitting I felt great increase in energy and confidence, I was amazed. She explained that over a few weeks my core belly muscles will become very dependent and need the daily support of a girdle. Which I found out to be true.

The corsetier then explained that for "Girdle Dependency" to really settle in I needed to develop a daily routine or habit, she told me to wake up each and every morning, put on a girdle like she instructed and just go on with my day. I found she was also right now after a few weeks I no longer even think about it putting on a girdle is just part of daily routine.

Do I like being "Girdle Dependent", well now after 4 years I more then like it I love it, I have never felt so good, trust me it is great. If you have never worn or a girdle try it and follow what I said and you to over a short period of weeks will also love wearing a girdle every day.
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It brightens my day to return to Experience Project and see more ladies and gentlemen discovering the comfort and security one feels in a nice, firmly boned, tight girdle! There is a smart way to present oneself and that is within the rigorous guidance of starch and elastic imposing its stricture and molding one into charmingly posed character, ready to bow or curtsey with delighted smiles!

I 100 percent agree with you and you described the experience of wearing a boned tight girdle very well. It does take a little getting use to but once you are use to being well encased in a girdle and you do develop a dependency you really love how great you look and feel and it doesn't matter if you are a male or a female. Come and visit us sometime we would love your input

Good for you and yes it does sound like you are "girdle dependent" like your mom, grandmother and aunt, and many of the rest of us too. I had worn a corset and a waist cinch, but it was my wife, shortly after we were married, who introduced me to pantygirdles to help me tuck. Needles to say not only did it work with my tucking, but soon I was addicted.

tghubby - isn't it great being girdle dependent.
Come and join us at and discuss your girdle experience.
What is amazing to me as a male I never thought I would become addicted and need to daily be in a girdle. I found out interesting enough that both males and females over a period of time can really become quite addicted and need to be daily in a girdle - it is great. I started with 3 girdles and now I am up to 10 girdles.

You are spot on about that, Tom, becoming girdle dependent. Although I don't wear one each and every day I still enjoy the look and feel on those days when I do.

tghubby - It can take a little time and being completly open minded to get to the point where you do need the daily benefits of wearing a girdle. It sounds like little by little you ae getting to the point like I am on being completly girdle dependent and needing to wear a girdle every day. I found if I am not girdled I feel something is missing and I feel very uncomfortable unless I am in a girdle. This is how you will know.

For me the real key was developng a daily routine - wake up clean up and put on a girdle each and every day. This helps in developing a girdle habit. Also following my other instructions of the right way to put on a girdle, keeping you tummy muscles always will relaxed will get you there. It sure worked on me.

Dear Peter
Thanks for your great comments.
I know once I could relax my tummy muscles and just allow the firm boned girdled to support my belly I was amazed how so much better I felt. You do over a short period of weeks and maybe even months get to the point where you do need to rely on a girdle, but in all frankness I prefer that now I have to rely on a girdle for support I feel so much better sitting standing and just getting around. Which I am sure you are experiencing the same things, it is rather amazing. how beneficial a girdle really is.
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