Child Of God !

I grew up in a church enviroment and really love the Sunday school lessons... that was when I was a child.... Life grows up a bit more, families move out of town and the children grow up with it, and their attitudes change.... and it isn't the same as I liked it when I was as child.. Teenage years got wilder and trouble blew up with my rudeness to my family's opinins to their decisions to my life.. I was 17 years and nearly lost my life after experienced leaving my body but found an or of peace and realized jesus was a real person after all and he loved me so much but it wasn't my time at that moment, i woke up out of a coma at the city hospital... I was brain damaged , had a stroke, vision impaired, but I know that jesus is alive and he died on the cross so that all my sins are forgiven... I am a CHILD OF GOD ! I am proud of it...
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Glad you survived, God is so good.

Amen!!!! :)

thanks so much for responding . xo

You are very welcome!

Tried to add you to my circle, but it says I can't. Won't allow me to even send you a message.

I am also a child of God, and I know He has sent His angel many times to my aid. I was in an accident in 2011 that I shouldn't have been able to walk away from, but I did, and without a scratch. God is good, and He is good ALL the time!!!

can you people who read this , can you give me a comment please ?