From Fat to Fit...

I was never a normal kid. Always fat , since childhood. Was depressed with broken  and lost relationships. Was alcoholic. Was fat, too fat. Was 110kgs. Was prone to diabetic .The day i realized that this is going to kill me now. I was a determined person, came out of my depression. Set a target of desired weight and just forgot the entire world.

Spend some 200 days in total devotion towards my weight reduction. Walking and proper diet. I lost 45kgs. Life has become so beautiful. I love it. The new avatar has brought so many changes. It has changed me completely. I met my soulmate in the process. I am the happiest. When i can do it. Why not you????

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2 Responses Jul 20, 2009

Initially I had to lose 100 pounds and now I need to lose the last 34 to reach my healthy goal weight. It's not so easy for a lot of people to change their pattern of behavior and make the jump to lose the weight. This world can never be one big perfect weight society. Some folks are genetically prone to be fat and although they can try and change that some just don't bother. There are fat people who are otherwise just as healthy as healthy can be and they have NO problems with their appearance. They can maintain their weight and not gain anymore. That is not how it was for me and when I was told I was dying I didn't care about anything and my weight kept climbing and one day I realized that I didn't want to be like the people who are laying up in a bed unable to even go to the bathroom on their own and that motivated ME to lose the weight and once I get the final 34 pounds off I will maintain my good weight and never let it balloon again.

Congratulations on your achievement!!!! I am having a tough time getting on and staying wit the programme. I will walk twice every other week and my eating has never gotten under control so as it is I am struggling every day to lose this weight, I am at 103 kgs and counting, I wish i could get just under 100 then on to 76 which was my prebabies weight. <br />
Keep up the regime it's easy to slip back