No Sex

I feel like Iam the only guy who doesnt want to have sex...all of the girls i have ever had sex with i only did it because i felt if i sad no it would be awkward or weird.  i wish i could find a girl to spend time with without worrying about sex right away. its better if you wait for it...too bad i havent waited for it yet

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thanks looking forward to enjoying meeting new people and not worrying about the drama and responsibilities associated with having sex...just seems like i should be spending more time on living my life to the fullest and working on myself then worrying about things i shouldnt

Hi You sound like you have a good head on your shoulder. You don"t hear that much! I am really proud of you for writting this. I waitedb till I got married before I had sex! And that was the best thing I ever did. I got pregnant the first time. My daughter is 17 and she keeps telling me she is gonna wait till she gets married. I just hope she does wait because you want it too be special something you will remember for the rest of your life. Good Luck sweetie There are plenty of girls out there that are not only in it for the sex! Anto815

oh my! really? a guy like you is so hard to find. And for me, i would rather pick you than guys who just want sex! It's really nice to know that you want to spend your time together with a girl without sex. <br />
Keep it up. And don't worry, You'll find the girl in the right time. =)

thanks for commenting.....but its also that i have a problem with making any form of connection at all....and basically the only reason ive been able to have sex is because im good looking ...what i mean is i want to feel like someone is interested in me for who iam not because of the way i look but i just cant seem to be able to make anything more then a physical connection to anyone

I think you sound like a very good person who is feeling pressured to do what he thinks he "should" do based on what others are thinking. It's completely normal to want a relationship to unfold a little without rushing into sex. If you have a strong emotional connection, the sex will be so much better. Most girls will appreciated your not rushing into it.

yup.....i feel like the only one...and when i tell my friends i know they all think im kidding but im serious lol hear a guy say this, is amazing.. It means a lot to hear, thanks for sharing your story.