My Court Case Flop!!

So I took the crook who stole my money to court, WON, and agreed to a settlement that he then ignored so I went BACK into court and filed for a judgment against him which was approved and I'm thinking problem solved.  How about NO!!  It cost me an additional fee to file a lien against him to try get my money back again. The key word here is TRY.  Small claims court is a farce that costs the plaintiff and not the defendant.  It's costing me as much money to get justice as I lost in the first place!  I filed for the lien yesterday.  This morning I'm casually perusing the court docket section and who's name hits me like a baseball bat???  HIS!!  He's been arrested for violation of probation!!  I'm like--PROBATION!!!  What the???  Can we all take a deep breath together and say "you are so screwed out of your money"? It seems an absolutely hopeless situation!!  The laws of small claims court should change to where it's the defendant who is held responsible for ALL court costs and fees involved in their case once they are found liable and NOT the plaintiff!!  The victim is still getting ripped of but by the courts this time.  I was warned that it would be frustrating and that the defendant wouldn't have to pay and they couldn't make him.  I could not just let him keep the money that he blatantly stole from me!!!  I'll keep trying.  I guess he'll bond out or bail out or whatever they do to get released. 
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Wow. How incredibly aggravating!!! I hope you get a bit of good fortune somewhere along the way.

I am sorry you ended up with such a horrible experience. I hope he gets what he deserves!