My Relationship Rant

Sometimes I want my fiance to do stupid little things that mean a lot to me. This year, I decorated a jar super cute and filled a bowl with rainbow notepads. The idea is to fill it with funny or interesting things that happen to use throughout the year, and then read them next New Years. Yay, Pinterest. They don't have to be profound and serious, you can right anything. "Saw a seemingly homeless guy playing a baby grand piano on my way to the bus terminal today,". He absolutely will not write anything. I've explained that it would be nice, if he wrote something....anything. Even if it's just to show that he cares. He won't. His Grandma just went for brain surgery two weeks ago, and is fine now but her life expectancy is one year. I think he's sad about that and that's why he isn't writing anything. But, I still think its a good idea for him to write things, maybe now more than ever. While he needs to focus on the small positive things all around him.

This isn't a problem in our relationship that is entirely about a jar. The general concept happens all the time. He's a very serious, conservative, uncreative, quiet fun introvert and I'm a very creative, spontaneous, open, silly free spirit. I often make little projects/games/ideas, and get completely rejected by him. I often do things, and get rejected by him. He treats me like... I'm a silly little girl. Sometimes I feel like he is fire and I'm water, and he is snuffing me out.

And what it comes down to, is that I would be satisfied if he finally wrote any ******* happy word down and put it in the stupid ******* jar... And he doesn't consider my opinion or feelings enough to do that. And yes, I have clearly explained all of my feelings to him. SO C'MON!
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Feb 8, 2013